The chapter has many opportunities for persons wishing to serve on special
projects and committees. To learn more about current opportunities please
contact Karen Mortland, Secretary at:

Download current listztofficers-2016_2017-contact-info (pdf)

Current Officers

President: Temeaka Gray

President Elect: Kelly Phillips

Vice President Mercy College: Jeanne Cluff

Vice President University of Toledo: Carol Bryan

Vice President Lourdes University: Hannah McLaughlin

Treasurer: Greg Shannon

Secretary: Karen Mortland

Immediate Past President: Karen Hoblet

Research & Scholarship Committee

Julie Stausmire (Chair)

Amber Ayers

Susan Sochacki

Jeanne Cluff

Martha Gallagher

Deb Karns

Kathy Sink

Lauren Maziarz

Leadership Committee

Chair: Emily Cherko

Martha Gallagher

Carol Cambell

Michelle Taylor

Ruth Altendeder

Leadership Intern:  Hannah McLaughlin

Governance Committee

Chair: Melissa Pietrzak

Kathy Mitchel (UT)

Dawn Woolford (UT)

Lynne Labardee (Mercy College)

Jennifer Harold (Mercy College)

Finance/Fundraising Committee

Lori Doll-Speck (Chair)

Karen Hoblet

Julie Stausmire (Fundraising Chair)

Greg Shannon – (Treasurer- ExOfficio)

Publicity Committee

Communication / Web Page/The Circle:

Valerie Pauli (Chair)

Heritage Archivist: Amber Ayers

Community Service Committee

Candace Tavormina (Chair)


Rebecca Zechman (Chair)