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Student Awards and Criteria:

Sigma Theta Tau, International (STTI), Zeta Theta Chapter-at-Large, recognizes undergraduate and graduate students for excellence in practice, leadership, and scholarship.  Faulty at each nursing program select the award recipients from the students who are members or current inductees. Awards are presented at the annual induction ceremony. Each recipient provides a brief description of his or her work leading to the award.  Attached is the list of awards.

Download Criteria here:

STT criteria for student awards (pdf)

1. Undergraduate students who are being inducted into Zeta Theta Chapter-at-Large are eligible for awards in Leadership and Clinical Practice.

2. Graduate students who are being inducted into, or who are currently members of, Zeta Theta Chapter-at-Large are eligible for awards in Leadership, Clinical Practice and Scholarship/Research.

**Each member school of the Zeta Theta Chapter-at-Large may name one undergraduate for each of the undergraduate awards and one graduate student for each of the graduate students awards, as applicable.

**Each student is invited to speak briefly when accepting the award. The audience is interested in the student’s work that led to the award.

***The individual school selects the award recipients and provides the names, along with the awards they are to receive, to the Induction Contact who forwards the names to the Awards Chair. It is the responsibility of School Counselors to assure that the names are provided by the designated date. The school notes RN behind the student’s name if the award recipient is licensed as an RN. The schools notify the award recipients that they have been selected to receive the awards and should come to the Induction Ceremony prepared to speak for 2-4 minutes when accepting the award.


Please contact the Awards Chair with any questions or comments.